Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mother/Daughter Dates

Trying to spend as much time as possible with my girl this year.  Both of us are very busy and sometimes have a hard time finding time to be alone with each other, so we have to work at it.  We went to see Keith Urban in concert a few weeks ago with her best friend and her mother.  I don't think we will ever miss a chance to see Keith Urban.  He is amazing!  We started a dance class (Adult Jazz/HipHop) together with the same friend and her mother.  Should be entertaining to see us "bust a move".  (I am pretty sure that is an out of date phrase, but don't know what else to say.)  This morning, we went on a Starbucks date.  (Yes, Pumpkin Spice Latte is back!)  I am leaving tonight for a 10 day trip to Buenos Aires and needed some excuse to spend time with her.  When I asked her last night to go to Starbucks, she looked at me and said she was going to ask me the same thing.  Like mother, like daughter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Official...

Well, an official tour of Oklahoma State University on Friday.  Let me start by saying Thursday night was "Meet the Teacher" night at Bixby High School and it was a good way to break in my emotions for the next day.  As Jack and I were walking from one class to another, he looked at me and said "Are you sad?  This is the last time we get to do this."  Of course, I was sad!  And of course, it brought tears to my eyes and I had to recover on the walk between classes.  Three of her five teachers this year are "repeats" from previous years, so not too much in the department of "Meet the Teacher".  We were finally able to meet the Student Council sponsor, who she spends a lot of time with and the principal.  All had nice things to say about Lindsey, which is reassuring to us as parents. 

OK, back to the official tour.  School was out on Friday, so we decided to take the "official" tour.  Even though the school allows you to miss a couple of days of school for college tours, Lindsey has 5 AP classes and really can't afford to miss them at all.  So, we took advantage of a free day.  She choose to tour the Honors College and the dorms, as well as the official campus tour.  Jack had been to OSU, but never for a real tour.  He said he was impressed which is good since Dad has to feel comfortable about where his little girl is going to live for the next few years.  We started out at the Honors College.  For former OSU students, the Honors College is located in Old Central (which was boarded up, back in my day).  Old Central has been completely renovated to it's original condition and houses the offices and a few classrooms.  The director let Lindsey ring the bell in the Old Central tower, which was fun to hear it ring.  We moved on to the campus tour, which starts off in the Conoco-Phillips Alumni Center.  They made a presentation and showed a video about OSU.  Believe it or not, Dr. Manzer is still teaching at OSU and was the professor interviewed in the video.  He doesn't have much hair these days, but I was able to say I knew him back when he did and that his daughter was in my Tri Delt pledge class.  After the video, we toured the campus in 100 plus degree temperatures.  It brought back some great memories, the campus not the heat!  It was a great day for the tour.  It was Friday.  It was Orange Friday (so everyone was wearing orange).  It was the Friday before the first OSU football game.  The students were very excited and a little crazy.  It really made for a great atmosphere for the tour.  We had lunch at Eskimo Joes and then met with the academic counselor.  We now know what she is majoring in (Allied Health which is the pre-requisite for Occupational Therapy), what classes are required, what classes she has already tested out of and what she still has the chance to test out of this year.  It was a very full day!

So, back to the sadness.  My baby is going to leave me to go away to college.  Luckily, she won't be far away.  I am actually glad we did the tour so early in her Senior year because I can still say "Oh, that is a whole year away".  Deep down, I know the year will fly by and it will seem like it only lasted a week or so.