Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to catch up!

So much has happened since I wrote last.  Some of that is because we have been very busy and some of it may be that it is too had to document these days that are flying by.  My last post was before my trip to Buenos Aires.  Luckily, I have not had to travel to Argentina again this year.  Instead, I have been enjoying my time here with the family.

We have attended many Cross Country meets and watched Lindsey and the rest of the Spartans compete.  Many of those meets are on Thursdays or Saturdays and in various parks in the Tulsa area.  The biggest and the best is in Stillwater, the OSU Jamboree.  This meet is HUGE!  High School, Middle School and College teams all in the same place to run!  It was fun to watch, but it also gave us another opportunity to look around campus.  We were walking to lunch and she looked at me and said "I can't wait until next year!".  It is so exciting to look forward to her new adventure with her and at the same time it makes you want to slam on the brakes!  This week marked the official end of the Cross Country year with the end of the year banquet.  The Seniors were given special t-shirts with all their names on the back.  It is a nice memory to have for years to come.  (By the way, I did NOT cry when they were presenting the senior gifts!)

These past few weeks have also marked Bixby Homecoming.  The Seniors came into the high school 4 years ago and took the other classes by storm.  They showed the whole school how Homecoming should be done.  They competed fairly with a tremendous amount of spirit and have been Grand Champions all 4 years.  The week is full of spirit dress-up days, hall decorating, pep rally, parade, dance and, of course, a football game. Jack and I took pizza up to the school one night for them to eat while putting up their hall decorations.  It was amazing.  All these kids working together for one purpose.  The school was completely crazy in all 4 hallways.  The theme this year was Board Games.  The classes each chose a game for their hallway.  The Senior really shined with their "Game Changer" theme, which was an amazing game they made up about Homecoming.  The Activity Director, Mr. Patterson, gave Jack and me a tour of the halls and with it we received a conversation filled with gratitude for the Senior class and the way they have changed the school during their 4 years. Everyone will say that their child's class is special, but when you say it about the Bixby Class of 2012, we mean it!  These kids have turned a Homecoming of hate and destruction of the other classes work into a week of fun and support of the school as a whole!

A quick list of other things that have happened since my last post...applying for OSU Residential Housing, Fall Break, a quick trip to Stillwater and OKC to practice driving and shopping, an unsupervised trip to OSU for Homecoming, acceptance to Baylor (via text message!), OASC Student Council convention, Senior Night for the Tunnel Crew, and probably other things I have missed.  Mostly, trying to spend as much time as I can with my daughter before she leaves for college!

Now, my next accomplishment has to be ordering Senior Pictures!