Thursday, April 5, 2012

System Overload

Too much has happened in the past couple of days.  My system is overloaded!

Saturday was Greek Discovery Day at OSU in Stillwater.  Anyone interested in a fraternity or sorority at OSU was invited to attend.  There were meetings for everyone and then for the parents and the kids got to tour all the houses.  It was just like the first party day of Rush.  Sorry, it is now called Recruitment (that probably showed my age!).  So they got to talk to someone at 6 of the houses and toured the other 6.  It was a great experience for everyone.  It really brought me back to my college days.  Many memories of how much fun college was and how much I loved being in a sorority.  After Greek Discovery Day was over, we high-tailed it back to Tulsa for a BBQ with the Bixby Optimist Club and the Miss Bixby contestants.  It was a long, fun-filled, busy day.

Sunday did not prove to be any less busy.  The Senior Pastor at our church, Tom Harrison, holds a bible study for the seniors each year.  He wanted to introduce the congregation to his seniors.  They each got to tell what they loved most about their Spring Break Mission Trip to Guatemala.  I was proud of all of them as they spoke in front of hundreds of people.  Each one told of a different memory and were able to let everyone know what a great experience they had.  After church we were off to senior pictures for the dance studio.  Miss Shelly does an amazing slide show of all the seniors and they took some beautiful pictures as you can see.  Straight from the pictures, I went to a Gradfest meeting.  It is nice to know they kids will have somewhere to go after graduation that is safe and fun!

Monday was not as busy, but was a very important day.  The girls had their "appointment" to select their dorm room.  Their appointment was on the first day that incoming freshman could choose.  So, how hard can it be?  Now, for those of you that have not had this opportunity, there are many more choices than we had back in our day.  There are traditional dorm rooms, suites and apartments to choose from. They had already chosen their roommates, but this appointment was to pick their actual room.  Should be an easy task, go on-line and select your room.  Well, at least it sounded easy.  Lindsey's roommate was doing the actual selection since she was still in class.  It started off with the website being down.  After a few phone calls and some waiting, she finally got in.  Of course, none of the dorms they wanted were available.  I was on the phone with her mother while they were on-line.  After some tears, we worked together and the girls ended up with a pretty decent room.  I call it a room, it is actually a "Deluxe Suite".  They each have their own bedroom.  They share a bathroom and have a living room.  There is room for a dorm refrigerator and a microwave.  The way I see it, they will be living the "high life"!

So, that was just 3 days in our crazy, senior year life!  System overload!  The Miss Bixby pageant is this Saturday.  Wish her luck!

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