Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The past and the future

We have survived the first few days of school and are already into the 2nd week.  She finally bought her school supplies last night which totaled $0.17.  Two folders.  That's it.  I remember the days when we shopped for hours and tried to find the cutest folders and spiral notebooks.  I remember going to Limited Too for the perfect Back-to-School outfit.  I remember checking to make sure the lunchbox was still acceptable.  Those days are over.  Pull out the old backpack, throw on shorts and a shirt, make sure there is gas in the car and off she goes.  How things have changed.  Bring back my little girl with the new backpack and new bow in her hair waiting outside Darnaby Elementary and taking pictures with Carlie by the school sign!

Lots of talk around the house the past few days about college and dorms.  As all her recently graduated friends head off for their new college lives, sorority rush and the dorms, she has been thinking and talking about next year.  Can we leave it for next year?  Do we have to start planning now?  There are still 365 days  before she has to move.  Can't she wait until then?

And speaking of Carlie...next year, do I get to take a picture of Lindsey and Carlie standing in their dorm room or standing by the Oklahoma State University sign?  I sure hope so.

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  1. I'm right there with you. I'm secretly dreading Thursday when Blair has her last first day of high school. She too is talking about next year at OSU and I just want to burst into tears. As I told my niece on her little boy's first birthday, enjoy it while you can because it goes way too fast.