Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Senior Pictures - The Heat is On

Our second try at Senior Pictures was successful!  Our first appointment was cancelled due to the fact that it was 115 degrees outside.  Sunday's high was 100 degrees.  Apparently, 100 is OK, but 115 is not!  It was hot, but she managed to look beautiful in all of them.  I was in Argentina on business last week and returned home on Saturday.  She decided she didn't want to wear two of the three outfits we had picked out and wanted to go shopping.  So, off to the mall for a zombie (Argentina is an overnight 11 1/2 hour flight) shopping spree.  We found a shirt (we both liked) and a dress (she liked).  We still agreed on the remaining dress.  She had an employee meeting at work prior to our photo shoot, so we headed out with the clothes, some makeup and a freshly cut sunflower from the backyard for the pictures.  While she was in her meeting, I bought some yellow gerber daisies.  I was afraid the sunflower would wilt (which it did, but the sunflower still made it into a few of the pictures).  After the meeting, we headed out to Gilcrease Museum.  Jesse was ready and waiting for us.  The three of us hiked down to the location and the session began.  We finished our session at a typical urban warehouse.  Obviously, I am biased, but she looked beautiful.  I was even happy with the pictures in the dress I didn't particularly like the day before.  At one point, I pictured an 11 x 14, framed and hanging somewhere in my house.  I even began to imagine having to replace it someday with a bridal portrait.  I know there will be many years and memories between the two pictures, but couldn't help thinking about the day when she will belong to someone else and we will have to share her.  Until then, she is ours.  We are lucky and blessed to have such an amazing and beautiful (inside and out) daughter. 

Enjoy some of the pictures I took during her photo shoot.

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  1. Very cool pics. She is growing up so fast. I like the flower idea. :-)